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We know legal claims can be too complex, convoluted and expensive. We’ve witnessed their impact on Australian families first hand, as claimants just like you struggle to hunt down the right documents, talk to the right people and juggle the constant call-back-carousel of insurance companies.

At Claimify, we make compensation claims easier. While we can’t undo the distress and anxiety you’ve experienced, we can deliver an uncomplicated, transparent and super-fast process. You’ll have the outcome you deserve before you know it without speaking to a single insurance representative.

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We want all of the details. Complete our survey and tell us about you, the incident and any further claim details.
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Your claim is benchmarked against a pool of similar claims to determine the best course of action with clear next steps.
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We’ll be in touch within 1 business day, outlining your chances of success. Our experienced compensation legal team will then provide you with an estimated compensation figure.

What our clients say about us

Ms Graham

“This was an awesome way to make my claim. The team at Claimify were awesome, always so helpful, and willing to help anytime.”

Ms Lascelles

“Great settlement negotiated by the team at Claimify. Fixed low fees quoted up-front, digital signing of documents, prompt hassle-free communications, client-centric, efficient and professional.”

Ms Evans

“I knew something was wrong, but it wasn’t until I went to my doctor that it was diagnosed as PTSD. My first thought was how can I afford a Psychiatrist? I contacted Claimify and within a short time, the other vehicle’s 3rd party was paying for a Psychologist and Psychiatrist. Thank you Claimify.”

Mr Sergeant

“Great communication. Ease of use right from the initial questionnaire.”

S.L & J.D

“Thank you and everyone else who assisted with our claim. You have been very efficient, and we are very grateful for all of your assistance.”

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We save you time.

Take control of your outcome with our straight-forward claims process. No more time-wasting. Get the compensation you’re entitled to sooner.

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We've created a streamlined service that works.

Avoid mountains of paperwork with our online questionnaire and centralise your claim information online. Following submission, stay up-to-date throughout the process with ClaimHQ, your own online portal.

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Clear, open and honest.

Stop watching the clock and forget lengthy and expensive legal consultations. You’ll receive a clear estimate of your legal fees upfront.

Common Questions

What happens after my claim is accepted?

There are two stages of acceptance in a TPD claim.

First, the insurer makes a decision about payment of the claim. If it agrees to pay the claim, it will pay the benefit into your super fund account.

Second, the super fund will review the claim and make its own separate decision as to whether to release the benefit to you in accordance with relevant legislation. The second review usually occurs within 6 – 8 weeks of the insurer’s decision.

In our experience, it is almost unheard of for the super fund to refuse to release the entitlements to you.

A payment form is required to be completed by you to direct the super fund on how to make payment of the benefit. We send this to you early to ensure you can be paid as quickly as possible.

Will I go to court?

It is extremely unlikely. The vast majority of our cases are resolved well and truly before the need for court arises.

Historically, less than 5% of the claims we run progress to this stage.

We aim to resolve your claim as soon as possible to avoid the costs and time associated with the courts.

We will always give you the best options if we are unable to obtain a result from your super fund.

Do I need to obtain a medical certificate from my doctor?

Medical evidence from your treating doctors is critical to the success of your claim. We will discuss with you the required evidence once we have assessed your individual circumstances.

What happens after claim lodgement?

Once the claim has been lodged, the super fund will lodge the claim on its insurer, usually within a month. It usually takes approximately 30 – 45 days to complete the initial assessment. They will then advise if further information is required, which may include a medical assessment by a doctor of their own choosing.

Under the relevant legislation, the funds have up to 6 months to make a decision, however, this can be longer or shorter depending on the complexity of the claim.

At Claimify, getting early outcomes is our priority.

What’s the claims process?

The claims process is not simply lodging a claim form with your super fund.

Once we receive a signed ‘Cost Agreement’ (Engagement), we will tailor the right action plan for your claim.

Then we gather the evidence to support your claim. This could include evidence from your treating doctors and former employers. It usually also includes getting independent medical evidence from specialists and employability experts.

We review in detail all of the medical evidence to ensure your claim has the best possible chance of success.

Once we are satisfied with the evidence, we will lodge your claim with the super fund and deal with them on your behalf until we get a decision.

Why do I have to provide certified ID?

We need to formally validate the identity of our clients so that we can represent you. Without certified ID, we also will not be able to speak to your super fund.

Can I bring more than one claim?

Yes! You can make more than one claim depending on your policies. We are experts in these policies and will help you reach the best outcome for you.

Can I commence a claim on someone else’s behalf?

Yes, our online enquiry system allows you to submit an enquiry on behalf of someone else.


What evidence do I need to support my claim?

In order to be successful in a TPD claim, we need evidence to show that you meet the TPD policy definition. The evidence required may be different from policy to policy.

Depending on your specific circumstances, we may need to gather evidence to show that you are unable to resume your previous work, or any other work in your area of education and training as a result of your injury or illness. This usually includes copies of your medical and employment records as well as reports from your treating medical specialists. We may also need an independent medical specialist to assess your situation.

Every person and their claim is unique, so please email or call us to discuss your specific situation.

How much will it cost?

We will charge a fixed fee plus optional extras, all at no win no fee. Within one business day of your completed enquiry, we will let you know what our fixed fee for your claim will be and give you an estimate of the costs of extras (if any).

If you lose, then you don’t need to pay the fixed fee or the extras.

The full details of our fees are in ‘Our Engagement’ which you will receive one business day after submitting an enquiry.

How long will it take?

Each case is unique and depends on various factors, including:

  • Your medical treatment and when your injury stabilises
  • How long it takes to obtain evidence for your claim
  • The claim process steps required by law.

At the start of your claim, we will give you an estimate of how long it will take by comparing your circumstances with 10,000 similar claims.

What is our engagement?

To represent you, we are required by law to:

  1. Give you information about our legal services and your rights
  2. Enter a formal agreement with you regarding our services.

Our Engagement contains:

  1. Our Disclosure Notice – informing you about your rights regarding legal costs
  2. Our Engagement Details – informing you about our costs and the scope of our work
  3. Our Engagement Terms – the terms on which we will act for you, including cost protection, your obligations, cooling off period, privacy, confidentiality and termination.
What if my accident happened during or on my way to work?

In addition to bringing a CTP claim, you might be entitled to benefits under the workers’ compensation scheme. We can provide guidance and options here when assessing your claim.

What is ClaimHQ?

ClaimHQ is your personal online portal – always know what the next steps are and keep up to date with your claim on your time. On ClaimHQ you can:

  • View your claim info and status via claim tracker
  • Action tasks
  • Update your details
  • View notes from us
  • Upload documents and expense receipts
  • Access FAQs
  • Give us your feedback.

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