Reimagining Justice – Claimify Podcast

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We are proud to have been interviewed by Andrea Perry-Peterson for her podcast; Reimagining Justice.

In the podcast, Jodie Willey Acc. Spec. (Pers. Inj.) Qld and Ann Bui chat with Andrea about:

  • The key features of the online tool and how having 10 years of data about a particular type of claim can more efficiently generate advice with the assistance of machine learning.
  • Ann draws parallels between how lawyers learn and how AI works; which begs the question of whether a lawyer could be replaced by a set of equations?
  • How original assumptions about who might use the tool was challenged when the target was a youthful online user, but the first client was a 62 yo woman.
  • What’s critical if you’re in an established organisation doing “innovation”.
  • The make up of the very multidisciplinary team and their process.
  • Whether this type of tool could be appropriate for other types of claims including where the evidence is sensitive.
  • What has surprised Claimify about how and when people have used the platform.

You will especially enjoy this episode if you are interested in project management of a legal tech solution and what’s critical to its success.

Listen to the full podcast.