Leave Your Car in the Garage – 3 Reasons to Leave Your Car at Home

City Cycles lined up

Reaching for your car keys as you race out the door is probably a part of your everyday routine. For many, the morning journey involves several pitstops: dropping the kids at school or grabbing that cup of joe. However, with Brisbane’s traffic congestion worse than ever, there’s never been a better time to consider many of the alternate ways to get around, which also provide numerous benefits.

Depending on where you live, walking to the local train station, bus stop or ferry terminal could be an option. You may even be able to walk or cycle to work. If you live further from your workplace, you could consider driving or cycling to your local station and commuting on public transport from there.

In the Brisbane CBD, we’ve even noticed a unicyclist in the morning commute! You may have also noticed the introduction of “Limes” around the CBD; these scooters have become a popular and novel means of transport around the city.

Carpooling with others may present an opportunity to shake up your morning journey. This could turn a monotonous morning drive into a social activity.

For our Claimify team, swapping our car keys for an alternative transport option has had numerous benefits. But don’t just trust us, take a look at these three reasons to leave your car in the garage.

1. Improved health and fitness    

A recent study found that we should be completing two-and-a-half to five hours of moderate exercise each week to stay healthy. Getting moving in the morning is an easy way to meet this target and improve your general health.

Regular walking doesn’t just improve your general fitness, it has also been linked to a reduction in susceptibility to serious health conditions including heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Leaving your car at home often results in some form of physical effort – whether it’s walking, cycling, riding a scooter or some other form of exercise. Getting some morning cardio in is always a good thing!

2. Reduced expenses  

Less driving also means less money spent on those fuel bills. Given the hefty price of fuel, you could save a significant sum. Saving on hefty parking fees could also provide another financial incentive to ditch your car.

Also, many car insurers provide lower premiums to those who do not regularly drive their car or drive it over a short distance.

3. Reduced pollution footprint

Leaving your car in the garage is one of the easy ways you can reduce emissions, reduce road congestion and improve air quality.

Some German cities have trialled free forms of public transport in an attempt to entice commuters away from their cars. From next year, Luxembourg will also introduce free public transport to its residents. More people using public transport means a greater demand, and that means more jobs; it’s better for the planet and better for workers.

Some days you may need to drive the car but maybe you could incorporate another form of transport into your routine. It could be better for you, the planet and your wallet.