Handy Tips to Help You Reduce Your Parking Costs

expired parking meter

If you’ve visited the Brisbane CBD recently, you’d be very familiar with the cost of parking in the River City. A recent investigation by RACQ found that Brisbanites were subject to the highest short-term hourly parking costs in the country – even higher than Sydney and Melbourne!

If you’re driving into town in the near future, these handy tips can help you save money.

Get in early

If you have to battle the grind into the city on a weekday, be sure to check out the ‘early bird’ promotions that are available at most major car parks. These deals usually require you to park over the majority of the workday, which means entering before a cut-off time around 9:00am and then exiting after 3:00pm or so. In return, you’ll receive a significant discount — often up to 30% off the standard cost of a day’s parking.

Pre-book your spot

While car parks are rarely as cheap as roadside parking options, many car parks now allow drivers to book a space online at a significantly reduced rate. Bear in mind that there’s usually a waiting period (often around 30 minutes from the time of booking) so you’ll need to plan ahead.

Weekend parking

If you can avoid a weekday trip, parking is often cheaper or even free on weekends. Many kerbside parking spaces, including loading zones, change status on weekends and free up desirable parking spaces, often in the heart of the city. You’ll also find that car parks significantly cut rates on weekends — you can usually find a parking space in the CBD for around $5.

Consider alternatives

Opting for public transport when travelling into the city is a great way to steer clear of expensive parking fees. And as you’d know well, Brisbanites are fortunate to have such an extensive and well-maintained public transport system with modern buses, trains and ferries at our disposal.

Combining private and public transport can also be a cost-effective option, for example, parking your car at an outer-city suburb train station or ferry terminal and taking public transport into the CBD. This is a popular option among Brisbane commuters.

Another option to consider is the ride-sharing apps like Uber and Ola. Depending on the length of your journey and where you’re going in town, you may like to consider driving part-way to the CBD, parking in a side street and grabbing a ride for the remainder of your journey. To shake things up, you could even complete your journey on two wheels by grabbing a CityCycle bicycle or Lime scooter and feel the wind in your hair!

Do your research

Just like anything else in life, it usually pays to shop around. While some car parks charge a fortune, others can be surprisingly affordable, so it really is beneficial to do your research to secure the best parking price. What’s more, finding the best parking prices in Brisbane has become a whole lot easier with websites like Parkhound which compare parking rates for you!