5 Driving Features You’re Probably Taking for Granted

Steering Wheel

As technology speeds ahead at an unrelenting pace, drivers increasingly benefit from new features that make life behind the wheel safer and more convenient. Just think of the benefits to suburban drivers that the introduction of self-parking functions in many mainstream models has delivered.

While the future of the automotive world is exciting and holds plenty in store concerning the new and improved driving features and aids we have to look forward to, there’s no shortage of past achievements that have made our lives safer and easier on the road which are well-worth a mention.

  1. Air-conditioning

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Queenslander who doesn’t value air-conditioning, especially in the peak of our scorching hot summers. Initially introduced to the Cadillac in 1939, it wasn’t until the 70s that most cars came with the option of air-conditioning. While air-conditioning has been a standard feature for many years now, the technology behind this essential feature continues to improve and, in the form of climate control, now allows drivers to precisely set their desired temperature.

  1. Airbags

There’s no denying that airbags have been crucial in reducing the number of road-related fatalities. Championed by Mercedes Benz in the 80s, airbags have been a standard feature in all cars available in Australia since 2010. Of course, they haven’t been without some controversy, with some airbags identified as dangerous if deployed and in need of replacement. If you haven’t already done so, you should check if your car’s airbags need replacing.

  1. Cruise control

Another aid that was once a luxury, but is now a common feature on most cars, is cruise control. Initially introduced on some American models in the late 1950s, cruise control has also developed significantly over the years. Fairly recently, we’ve seen the introduction of ‘active cruise control’, a feature that controls the vehicle’s speed to maintain a safe distance between it and the car ahead.

  1. Reversing camera

What did we do before the reversing camera? Millennials may not be familiar with the inconvenience of twisting around in your seat to navigate as you back into a parking space, but it’s something older drivers remember only too well. Not to mention the accompanying facial expression!

The reversing camera feature is yet another driving aid developed over the years that’s made driving easier and safer for all, including pedestrians. What’s more, many cars these days now come with the option of a ‘360o camera’ which provides drivers with a birds-eye view of their car as it moves around – a very handy feature when navigating tight parking spaces.

  1. Luxurious seats

Heated and massaging car seats are still a vehicular luxury that many of us are yet to experience, but they’re worth mentioning when discussing experience-enhancing driving features. While far more popular in colder climates than in Australia, heated car seats have been on the options list of many European cars since the 1970s. They’re now much more common and have become a popular feature on many mid-spec Aussie cars, like the iconic Holden Commodore. Massaging seats, however, remain more of a luxury, and are usually reserved for the most expensive models.

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