Managing Online Injury Claims During COVID-19

COVID-19 is impacting most businesses in some way. Traditional law firms face various issues around how to continue to act for their clients when face-to-face meetings are often not an option. Enter Claimify, the new online offering to Queenslanders who have found themselves in need of efficient and cost-effective legal representation after a motor vehicle accident.

Along with providing an online solution to injury claims during the lockdown measures, Claimify streamlines and speeds up the claims process in a number of ways. Starting by capturing the relevant information online at the outset of the claim — the same information that would be captured during the initial interview with a lawyer — via a secure online questionnaire. “Statistics show that on average, people who do not have a lawyer on their side receive almost one-fifth of the compensation of a legally represented claimant, after the deduction of legal costs. It’s therefore extremely important that people are aware of the time limits and obtain free legal advice when injured in a car accident”. Claimify’s service ensures that people do not need to worry about how to access legal advice – their specialist lawyers are ready and waiting to assist.

To further streamline the process and provide updates in real-time, all communications are either by phone or online via the secure portal “notes”, with updates issued via auto emails and SMSs throughout the claim process to the client and insurer. Claimify has been leveraging its online platform to put its clients first and secure fair outcomes since 2019.

Getting Claims Resolved Easier and Faster
— Ms Evans of Caboolture

One of Claimify’s first clients, Ms Evans’ case highlights the convenience and ease in which Queenslanders are using the Claimify platform to manage injury claims online.

On the 31st of May 2019, Ms Evans was involved in a road accident when another car failed to give way at an intersection. In addition to significant damage to her car, she suffered whiplash and aggravated a psychological condition from a prior accident which resulted in a brain injury and PTSD. “A lot of the previous trauma I experienced seemed to surface when this accident happened,” she said.

Having heard about Claimify’s simple and transparent online process that gets claims resolved faster, Ms Evans decided to manage her claim online. Within 6 months, and without the need for a medico-legal examination or having to travel for face-to-face meetings with a lawyer, her claim was resolved.

“Normally the claims process can take a year to resolve when legal help is required. I was amazed to see my matter resolved in six months without the need for regular face-to-face consultations or medico-legal assessments that take me away from my other commitments,” said Ms Evans. “It’s a great solution for those who want to get help from lawyers who take full carriage of a claim so you don’t have to worry or go back and forth on details.”

The way law firms help clients will change in the post-coronavirus world and we can expect to see fewer face-to-face consultations and more online communications in the future. “In this climate, it’s essential that businesses are agile and adaptable,” says Jake Gardiner. “We’re really proud to have been ahead of the pack here, creating a product that helps take care of business while MVA victims seek to move forward with their lives after an accident.”

“I was very impressed with Claimify in how quickly you dealt with the third party company. When two doctors told me I was suffering from PTSD and would need to see a Psychologist and Psychiatrist, all I could think of was the hundreds of dollars an hour these guys charge! ? Before my first appointment, Claimify had arranged for the 3rd party to pay for my appointments.”
Ms Evans of Caboolture, QLD.

Claims made easier.
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