2 More Reasons to Choose Claimify to help with a TPD claim

Here at Claimify, taking the complexity out of legal claims is our modus operandi.

Life can come at you hard and with only so many hours in a day, when the chips are down the last thing you want is multiple meetings, excessive legal jargon, and an endless stream of phone calls holding up the compensation process.

Compensation claims. Made easier. Resolved faster.” That is us in a nutshell.

But don’t just take our word for it, the proof is in the pudding. We deliver a simplified compensation process encompassing:

  • 100% online claim process which you can access from anywhere
  • Freedom to process your TPD claim on your own time
  • Upfront and transparent pricing with no hidden nasties
  • 24/7 access to updates through the ClaimHQ portal

Our online process takes you through simple-to-understand stages, supplying the all-important details you need to make a decision, ensuring control over your claim remains firmly in your hands.

Here are 2 more reasons to choose Claimify to help with a TPD Superannuation compensation claim

  1. We don’t charge uplift fees

Uplift fees occur when a legal practitioner charges an additional percentage of their accrued hourly fees at the conclusion of a matter to compensate a practitioner for the risk they took in acting for a claimant on a conditional (no win, no fee) basis.

An uplift fee can commonly amount to many thousands of dollars.

Thankfully, there are no uplift fees when you work with Claimify. We work for you and when the legal proceedings have been completed, you only pay our agreed fixed fee for our professional works – leaving more in your pocket.

  1. We take on your case on a ‘No Win-No Fee’ basis

No win-no fee, a pretty common phrase in the legal industry. But in all seriousness, who wants to undertake a potentially time-consuming and stressful TPD superannuation compensation claim with the risk of losing the matter and still having to pay a lawyer hanging over their head?!

Well with Claimify, you don’t have to. If we can act for you, we take your compensation TPD claim on a no win-no fee basis. If your situation doesn’t result in a win, you don’t have to pay us, it’s that simple and we guarantee it.

Legal compensation claims can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. But not with Claimify.

We analyse your information and compare it to the relevant legal policy to give you free, prompt advice about your potential claim. No obligation. That’s simple, easy and stress-free, the way legal claims should be!

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