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Pedestrians on Footpath
20 Sep 2019

Watch your Step – 4 Steps to Being a Safe Pedestrian

There is no denying that pedestrians are at risk when walking on…

Man inspecting car damage
12 Sep 2019

How to Avoid Buying a Lemon – 5 Things to Know About Write-Offs

Nobody wants to buy a lemon. With many people now looking online…

City Cycles lined up
5 Sep 2019

Leave Your Car in the Garage – 3 Reasons to Leave Your Car at Home

Reaching for your car keys as you race out the door is…

Car driving along road with kangaroo sign
29 Aug 2019

Stay Street Smart – Queensland Road Safety Week

This week marks Queensland’s Road Safety Week. While road safety is important…

Podcast studio
22 Aug 2019

Reimagining Justice – Claimify Podcast

We are proud to have been interviewed by Andrea Perry-Peterson for her…

Cyclists on road
16 Aug 2019

7 Tips To Observe When Driving Around Cyclists

While many battles come and go, there is one conflict that seems…

8 Aug 2019

Blocking The Road To Justice – What Is A Vexatious Litigant?

Going to court can be a lengthy, uncertain and costly exercise. These…

Not Using A Lawyer? You’re Probably Selling Yourself Short
1 Aug 2019

Not Using A Lawyer? You’re Probably Selling Yourself Short

For most people injured in a car accident, making a CTP claim…

Bicycle accident on street
26 Jul 2019

Man Down – How to Help a Cyclist if they are in an Accident

Whether they’re taking a leisurely ride or on a morning commute to…

Auto Pilot car start button
18 Jul 2019

Say Goodbye to Steering Wheels – Automated Cars and the Law 

Driverless cars are no longer an ultramodern fantasy of The Jetsons; they…

Man checking damaged car
11 Jul 2019

Uninsured Vehicles: How to Claim for Damage

The piles of paperwork after a car accident are confusing and stressful,…

Please use caution road sign
19 Jun 2019

6 Queensland road rules you probably didn’t know

Chances are you haven’t heard of some of Queensland’s more eccentric traffic…

How your super can help with an insurance claim
16 May 2019

How your super can help with an insurance claim

Superannuation is something many of us take for granted – until retirement approaches of course! However, if you can’t work due to an injury or illness caused by a motor vehicle accident in Queensland, you may be covered by insurance through your super fund.

Understanding motor vehicle accident liability
15 May 2019

Understanding motor vehicle accident liability

In the event of a motor vehicle accident, it is important to prove who was responsible or liable for the accident – in other words, who made the mistake or who is ‘negligent’. I

What is personal injury compensation?
7 May 2019

What is personal injury compensation?

Whether you’re a passenger, pedestrian, cyclist, motor cycle rider, public transport passenger, car or truck driver, if you have been hurt in a road or motor vehicle accident because of the actions or negligence of someone else, you may be able to make a personal injury compensation claim.

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