Man sitting on couch
4 Sep 2020

Beyond The Main Victim – Who Else Can Be Compensated After An Accident?

Most people know that an innocent person injured in a motor accident…

Person driving with a drink in their hand
21 Aug 2020

Survive the Drive – These Are The Top Three Killers on Queensland Roads

In Queensland there has been a recent spike in fatal road accidents….

Workers’ Compensation & CTP – What’s the Difference?
26 Mar 2020

Workers’ Compensation & CTP – What’s the Difference?

A question that often arises where someone is injured in a car…

Dog with head out of car
16 Jan 2020

Driving with Dogs – Essential Tips to Keep Your Four-Legged Friend Safe

Whether you’re heading to the beach, park or even the job-site, travelling…

Cyclists on road
16 Aug 2019

7 Tips To Observe When Driving Around Cyclists

While many battles come and go, there is one conflict that seems…

Auto Pilot car start button
18 Jul 2019

Say Goodbye to Steering Wheels – Automated Cars and the Law 

Driverless cars are no longer an ultramodern fantasy of The Jetsons; they…

Man checking damaged car
11 Jul 2019

Uninsured Vehicles: How to Claim for Damage

The piles of paperwork after a car accident are confusing and stressful,…

Understanding Motor Vehicle Accident Liability
15 May 2019

Understanding Motor Vehicle Accident Liability

In the event of a motor vehicle accident, it is important to prove who was responsible or liable for the accident – in other words, who made the mistake or who is ‘negligent’. I

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