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What you need.

Before we can get started, and to help speed up the process,
there are a few things you will need to have on hand during the process.



Fund details

Details of your superannuation policies including the fund name and your membership number (if known), as well as whether you arranged the policy privately or your employer arranged it for you.

Injury/Illness details

Details of all injuries/illnesses that you have which may impact on your ability to work. We also need the details of all medical providers you have seen for the condition(s).

Your work history

Details of your work history as far as you can remember. We will also need to know the date you last worked.

Your education and training

Details of your education and training, including licenses you hold. We will also need to know about your computer skills.

Other claims

Details of any other claim you have made because of your injury/illness, including any workers’ compensation or income protection claim.

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