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Is your injury or illness affecting your ability to get up, go to work and finish your day?

If your extended leave of absence has become more permanent and you’re no longer able to work in your chosen field, you may be entitled to Total and Permanent Disability Insurance or TPD.

A validated TPD claim lands a lump sum payment into your account, supplied by your superannuation, life insurance or SMSF provider. Claimify negotiates on your behalf, increasing the likelihood of a successful claim and relieving the financial, emotional and mental burden of pursuing the security you need to work out what comes next.

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What is TPD Insurance?

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance is a lump sum benefit payable to anyone who suffers from an illness or injury that significantly limits their ability to work, return to work or seek other employment opportunities inside their chosen industry. While you may not remember signing up for TPD alongside your industry super paperwork, life insurance policy or SMSF, many funds and providers include TPD coverage as a default. If you have more than one superannuation account, in addition to private life insurance or a SMSF, it may be possible to make a claim against each open policy in your name.

Superannuation TPD Claims

Every Australian employer must pay a percentage into a recognised superannuation fund – it is a non-negotiable condition of your employment. If you’ve worked a few jobs before, you’ll have at least one or two accounts attached to your name, each offering TPD insurance as a potential safety net for members during times of disability and financial hardship. While the terms of each policy will differ – SMSF and private life insurance may also have unique conditions to consider – a successful TPD claim delivers a lump sum payment to your account if you’re unable to return to work for a recognised reason.

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I Plan to Retrain. Should I Claim TPD?

Meet James. James has been installing and maintaining the pipes of Brisbane almost every day since he left school. Over the last few months, he’s found himself laid up in bed, unable to get through his usual duties thanks to a bad back. During this time and after many cups of coffee, James has retrained as a business administrator, swapping the physical demands of trade-work for the mental exercise of desk duties. Despite returning to work in some capacity, James can still make a TPD claim.

TPD isn’t limited to those who can show they can never work again; if your ability to function within your current industry is directly impacted and significantly reduced physically, mentally or emotionally, you may be able to make a TPD claim.

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What if I’m Short on Super?

Your TPD claim is made against an insurance policy separate from your super total – don’t let a small super balance stop you from claiming the funds you need to secure your immediate future and the wellbeing of your family!

We know TPD claims can be complicated, time-consuming and distressing. Claimify is dedicated to making this hard process easier, stripping back the legal speak to deliver the best outcome within a timeframe that suits your needs.

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Why claim through your superannuation?

  • Your illness or injury does not have to be work related.
  • Lump sum payments can be used to pay medical bills, specialist fees or maintain the quality of life your family expects while you rest, recuperate and retrain.
  • If you are hurt at work, you can still claim workers compensation on top of a TPD insurance benefit.
  • You can make a TPD claim against multiple super funds at the same time, increasing your chances of a positive result.

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Can I make a claim?

Possibly! Save yourself the hassle of hunting down each policy criteria and take advantage of Claimify’s free super check service to find out if you have TPD insurance up your sleeve. We’ll comb through the specifics of each policy, matching compensation requirements to your unique case before recommending an action plan.

Obligation and cost free, our super check is an easy first step to take, even if you need to go away and think about the results first before proceeding with your claim.

After you’re ready to go, we’ll contact each fund directly on your behalf, ensuring you receive your entitlement faster, easier and without any added stress.

No Win. No Fee.

We’re always in your corner. if we don’t win, you don’t pay, it’s that simple.

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Our TPD Claims process is simple.

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We give you the best options.

Once we’ve heard back from your super fund, we will confirm what benefits you’re entitled to and how we may be able to assist you.

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TPD insurance claims don’t need to be confusing, stressful or time-heavy. Remove complex law-talk from the equation with Claimify. Leverage our cutting edge tech to get the straightforward and speedy resolution you deserve, including your likelihood of success and a comprehensive claim estimate.



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Common Questions

How long can a TPD claim take?

Every claim is different.

Generally, claims take 6- 12 months to be assessed by a super fund. Some claims may be assessed sooner and some may take longer, depending on the complexity of each individual claim.

Most claims lodged with our assistance are accepted within this timeframe.

Will I go to court?

It is extremely unlikely. The vast majority of our cases are resolved well and truly before the need for court arises.

Historically, less than 5% of the claims we run progress to this stage.

We aim to resolve your claim as soon as possible to avoid the costs and time associated with the courts.

We will always give you the best options if we are unable to obtain a result from your super fund.

Do I need to obtain a medical certificate from my doctor?

Medical evidence from your treating doctors is critical to the success of your claim. We will discuss with you the required evidence once we have assessed your individual circumstances.

What happens after claim lodgement?

Once the claim has been lodged, the super fund will lodge the claim on its insurer, usually within a month. It usually takes approximately 30 – 45 days to complete the initial assessment. They will then advise if further information is required, which may include a medical assessment by a doctor of their own choosing.

Under the relevant legislation, the funds have up to 6 months to make a decision, however, this can be longer or shorter depending on the complexity of the claim.

At Claimify, getting early outcomes is our priority.

What’s the claims process?

The claims process is not simply lodging a claim form with your super fund.

Once we receive a signed ‘Cost Agreement’ (Engagement), we will tailor the right action plan for your claim.

Then we gather the evidence to support your claim. This could include evidence from your treating doctors and former employers. It usually also includes getting independent medical evidence from specialists and employability experts.

We review in detail all of the medical evidence to ensure your claim has the best possible chance of success.

Once we are satisfied with the evidence, we will lodge your claim with the super fund and deal with them on your behalf until we get a decision.

Can I bring more than one claim?

Yes! You can make more than one claim depending on your policies. We are experts in these policies and will help you reach the best outcome for you.

Can I commence a claim on someone else’s behalf?

Yes, our online enquiry system allows you to submit an enquiry on behalf of someone else.


Can I claim for a mental health injury?

Absolutely! A psychological injury is treated the same as a physical injury. As with all injuries, we need to understand your situation, so please email or call us if you would like more information.


What evidence do I need to support my claim?

In order to be successful in a TPD claim, we need evidence to show that you meet the TPD policy definition. The evidence required may be different from policy to policy.

Depending on your specific circumstances, we may need to gather evidence to show that you are unable to resume your previous work, or any other work in your area of education and training as a result of your injury or illness. This usually includes copies of your medical and employment records as well as reports from your treating medical specialists. We may also need an independent medical specialist to assess your situation.

Every person and their claim is unique, so please email or call us to discuss your specific situation.

Will my entitlement impact my workers’ compensation claim?

It depends on what type of super claim you are making and the terms of your policy.

If you are making a TPD claim then generally this will not impact a workers’ compensation claim.

However, if you received workers’ compensation payments, this could have an impact on your income protection benefits.

Our legal experts will provide you with advice, to make sure you’re informed of any implications and help you make choices that best suit your circumstances.

Do I need to seek financial advice on the benefit?

Financial advice is highly recommended to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit in light of your personal financial circumstances.

We can assist you with arranging financial advice.

Why do I need a lawyer to help with my super claim?

Super claims can be difficult.

There are many different policy terms and conditions you will need to meet. The fund may not tell you this upfront.

Every claim is unique and the complexity will vary from person to person, depending on your policy.

We know the super fund policies inside out and how its terms will apply to your situation.

We have extensive experience running claims just like yours. We will get to know you and understand your needs. We will tailor the best approach for your individual circumstances to give your claim the best chance of success.


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