Learner Drivers Are Going Online

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Things are changing when it comes to getting your learner licence. Say goodbye to your pen and paper; the Queensland Government is taking the learner test online.

In late 2018 Queensland started to move away from the traditional multiple-choice paper test in favour of an online course. This requires applicants to work their way through various videos and simulated driving situations, which are followed by questions. The entire PrepL course, which is expected to take four to six hours to complete, can be completed over a twelve-month period. More information can be found here.

While the online platform is not yet a mandatory substitute for the paper test, it’s only a matter of time.

Hitting the Road

Once your child has passed their test and paid for their licence, they’re ready to hit the road. A learner is required to complete 100 hours of supervised driving, unless they’re twenty-five or older. You are no longer required to keep tally of your hours in a booklet, instead a free and convenient mobile app allows drivers to keep track of their hours electronically. The app also allows the supervisor to verify the entry via email.

Driving Lessons

While not compulsory, many new drivers learn the ropes with a driving instructor. This is often a good idea to ensure they learn safe and competent driving skills from the start. As an added bonus, every hour of driving completed with an instructor is equivalent to three logbook hours. Leaners are allowed up to 10 hours of instructor-supervised driving.

Many high schools have connections with local driving schools, which entitles students to receive driving lessons at a reduced rate – something worth checking out if you have a leaner driver in your household.


Depending on the terms of your vehicle’s insurance policy, a learner driver may be automatically insured to drive the family car. In other cases, the policy may need to be extended to cover them. Alternatively, some insurance companies allow the learner driver to take out their own insurance. Usually you will have to pay an additional excess if the learner driver has been at-fault in an accident.

These days, all of the major insurers allow their customers to lodge a claim online or via an app. Everything is going digital, making our lives just a little easier!

Claims made easier.
Claims resolved faster.