Survive the Drive – These Are The Top Three Killers on Queensland Roads

Person driving with a drink in their hand

In Queensland there has been a recent spike in fatal road accidents. In June 2019 a tragic accident near Bundaberg claimed the life of three people and severely injured two others. While investigations continue in relation to that accident, serious road collisions occur daily. Nationally, approximately three people are killed on Australian roads every day.

As accident compensation lawyers, we see firsthand the devastating consequences poor road safety can have. We know that accidents occur for many different reasons. Statistically, accidents involving no other vehicle account for the most common form of fatal car accidents. This shows that driver error is often to blame. It also suggests that improved driver behaviour can save lives.

Over the past 30 years, fatal road accidents have decreased by approximately 50% nationally. There are things we can do to ensure that this rate continues going down. Let’s keep our roads safe and avoid these three killers when we drive.

     1. Speeding

Whether you’re late for a meeting or you’re rushing the kids to school, speeding can sometimes be a tempting option on the road. But speeding is also the leading cause to road accidents in Queensland. Speeding is still a factor in more than one-third of fatal car accidents. Driving slightly over the limit may seem harmless, but for every 5km over the speed limit you drive in a 60km/h zone, your chances of being involved in a road accident double.

     2. Alcohol

Australia is known for its binge drinking culture, so it’s no surprise that alcohol is another leading reason for car accidents. It can delay the body’s reaction time and also impair a driver’s decision-making process as they operate their car. Around 20% of fatal accidents involve alcohol, while another 10-30% involve drugs. In NSW, a drunk driver beyond the legal limit is immediately disqualified from driving, no matter their degree of intoxication.

In light of the many road safety campaigns over the years, we should know better by now. Before you get behind the wheel after a night out, consider the alternatives. We now have the benefit of ride-sharing apps that provide a more affordable transport option.

     3. Fatigue 

Driver fatigue is a leading cause of many car accidents. Driving during your usual sleeping hours or driving for lengthy periods of time can lead to a car accident. A driver is four times more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident when they are driving between 10pm – 6am. Make sure you plan your trip to avoid driving late at night or early in the morning. Consider including regular rest breaks to reduce driver fatigue. Remember that it’s more important to get home safely then get home quickly.

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