Car Crash Hotspots in Brisbane

Research has revealed that since COVID-19 hit, complacent driving has caused a rise in dangerous road behaviour (The Australia Road Safety Foundation). This means, now more than ever, road safety is especially important – and it all starts with knowledge.

While car accidents can happen anywhere, at any time, there are known hotspots in every city. Want to see if you live in a crash hotspot? AAMI’s 2020 Crash Index has revealed Brisbane’s accident hotspots.


Brisbane’s Most Dangerous Roads

  1. Browns Plains Road, Browns Plains

Browns Plains Road earns its spot as the 5th most congested road in Brisbane. Heavy traffic is likely to blame for the rise in accidents, so stay safe when driving to work or dropping the kids off to school.


  1. Ipswich Road, Annerley

As the main connecting road between Ipswich and Brisbane, this road has no shortage of motorists. With the steady flow of traffic every day, locals are urged to drive with caution on this road.


  1. Morayfield Road, Morayfield

Morayfield is starting to become known for its road accidents more than its agriculture. Avoid tailgating during congested times of the day and be careful on this road!


  1. Logan Road, Mount Gravatt

Another Southside feature, Logan Road takes second place as Brisbane’s most dangerous road. We urge drivers to stay alert on this road especially at the Creek Road intersection.


  1. Gympie Road, Chermside

Gympie Road takes the crown as Brisbane’s crash hotspot, at no surprise to locals. According to AAMI, 21% of all crashes in this hotspot occurred on a Wednesday, with the morning being the most dangerous time of the day. Drivers are urged to be cautious and stay safe on this road.


What’s the most common type of accident?

In each of the hotspots, nose-to-tail collisions were the most common type of accident. Remember to keep a safe distance, avoid tailgating and give yourself enough time to break.

Road safety is everyone’s concern. Let’s all do our part in making our roads safer, especially in these hotspots.

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