Dash Cams in Australia – What You Need to Know

Dash cams In Australia - What You Need to Know

Throughout recent years, you’ve probably come across your fair few online videos of crazy divers and traffic incidents, all recorded with such crisp imagery (or in some cases, not such crisp imagery).

Often, these types of videos are recorded with a car dashboard camera which is frequently referred to as a dash cam. Dash cams are mounted on a dashboard, windshield, or on the rear-view mirror, and can be so useful when it comes to recording evidence of an unfortunate accident, or even road rage incidents.

The Australian public has developed a concern for the safety security of their vehicles, their roads, and of course, themselves. Accidents sure do happen – but when they do, a dash cam can help to keep things straightforward and simple. Whether you’re an everyday motorist in a car or on a motorcycle or a business owner with a company car or two, a dash cam can be a great option for peace of mind.

Your Dash Cam Options
There are so many types of dash cams out there, and they can range from simple and stable single-channel systems to dual-channel systems, GPS enabled options and no GPS enabled options, and upgraded screen technology, or no screen at all. All are unique to the user experience, however, they all also come with varied price points.

Dash cams comply with all road laws in Australia and are fully legal as long as they don’t obstruct the driver’s view, are mounted properly in a fixed position, and so long as the driver doesn’t operate the dash cam whilst driving.

There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all dash cam in Australia, not yet anyway. To start out, we highly recommend you read comparison guides to find one that suits you best. Try to filter down and base your choice on your individual needs and driving conditions.

How to Install a Dash Cam
Nowadays, most dash cams are plug-and-play. This means that whatever you purchase should come with everything you need to get started. There is a DIY installation, and it’s incredibly simple. All you have to do is mount the dash cam to the chosen interior of your vehicle, whether that’s your rear-view mirror, windscreen, or dashboard. Then, just plug it into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter to power up.

The Benefits of Owning a Dash Cam
Owning a dash cam in Australia comes with so many benefits. The main one? A huge opportunity to limit your liability during insurance disputes. You negate the whole ‘’he said-she said’’ process. By investing in a dash cam and complying with all road laws, you simply leave no room for false accusations.

Dash cam footage can be used as evidence in order to deny liability, in whatever happens to you when you’re out on the road.

Motorbike Dash Cams
Ditch the GoPro helmet.

You know, the one that you always forget to turn off when you finish driving, and turn on when you start? Instead, you can invest in a dedicated motorcycle dash cam that is totally automated. One that turns on by itself, where the memory card always has room, the battery is always full, and a dual rear and front recording system that protects you as you ride.

Dash Cams In Your Business Vehicles
Nobody wants to go through the headache associated with an accident that happens in a company vehicle. In the business world, company car accidents produce a lot of pressure. Owners need to get to the bottom of what happened, which is often extremely hard. It’s something that needs a lot of time, something a business owner doesn’t have, and potentially a lot of money too.

With a dash cam, business owners are able to easily see, with their own eyes, exactly what happened, and they play a big part in speeding up the process of any insurance claims.

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