About Claimify

At Claimify, we proudly provide our clients with clear, straightforward legal advice and assist people recover compensation.

Using the latest technology we are able to streamline the compensation process: securing an outcome for our clients in shorter timeframes, with less fuss and less cost.

We do away with the need for clients to travel to a stuffy legal office: you can communicate with your legal expert and complete all steps in your claim from anywhere, at any time.

Our legal experts have decades of legal practise in Queensland personal injury law. Our lawyers know the best way to conduct your claim in order to secure the best outcome for you, in the shortest time.

Some of our points of difference include:

  • Experts in Queensland personal injury law
  • No win, no fee terms
  • Fixed professional fees
  • No uplifts on professional fees
  • No litigation loans
  • It costs nothing to obtain our free advice and know where you stand

We are proud to have been announced as a finalist in the ALPMA/LexisNexis Thought Leadership Awards for 2019.

Let's get your claim started.