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kangaroo crossing a road in australia
26 Jun 2020

Watch Out for Wildlife!

Animals on the road are a regular cause of road accidents in…

Managing Online Injury Claims During COVID-19
4 Jun 2020

Managing Online Injury Claims During COVID-19

COVID-19 is impacting most businesses in some way. Traditional law firms face…

car driving in fog
28 May 2020

Getting Your Car Winter Ready

With the onset of winter and the end of mild autumn, many…

VW Beetle
21 May 2020

Do You Really Know Where Your Car Was Manufactured?

General Motors has officially pulled the pin on Holden, ending 72 years…

Mine Site - Birdseye view
7 May 2020

Superannuation and Personal Protection Insurance Case Study

Mark* was a hardworking young 32-year old father who enjoyed playing with…

Woman putting helmet on
23 Apr 2020

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Scooter

With fuel prices reaching all-time highs, it’s no wonder that many people…

Teddy bear with bandages
9 Apr 2020

3 Things You Must Know About Whiplash

Whiplash is considered by many people to be a minor injury, but…

Workers’ Compensation & CTP – What’s the Difference?
26 Mar 2020

Workers’ Compensation & CTP – What’s the Difference?

A question that often arises where someone is injured in a car…

Man screaming at phone
16 Mar 2020

Avoid Car Crash Scammers

Have you received a phone call about a car crash? Car crash…

Angry lady stuck in traffic
12 Mar 2020

Can Flexible Working Arrangements Ease Congestion?

If you commute to work in the city you’ll know only too…

Man yawning at steering wheel
28 Feb 2020

Avoid Fatal Road Accidents – 3 Tips to Stay Safe Behind the Wheel

While road safety is improving year-on-year and fatal car accidents are gradually…

Steering Wheel
14 Feb 2020

5 Driving Features You’re Probably Taking for Granted

As technology speeds ahead at an unrelenting pace, drivers increasingly benefit from…

Woman getting into a rideshare
31 Jan 2020

Three Things to Remember When Using a Ridesharing App

In a short period of time, ridesharing apps such as Uber, Ola…

Dog with head out of car
16 Jan 2020

Driving with Dogs – Essential Tips to Keep Your Four-Legged Friend Safe

Whether you’re heading to the beach, park or even the job-site, travelling…

Person using mobile phone while driving
3 Jan 2020

Put It Away – QLD’s New Mobile Phone Laws are Tougher Than Ever

Queensland’s getting tough on people who use their mobile phone behind the…

Car towing caravan
19 Dec 2019

Towing a Load? 3 Things You Don’t Want to Overlook

With the warm weather of summer upon us, drivers are once again…

Motorcycle Rider
13 Dec 2019

5 Tips for New Motorcycle Riders

There’s a great sense of freedom to riding a motorcycle, but sadly,…

expired parking meter
6 Dec 2019

Handy Tips to Help You Reduce Your Parking Costs

If you’ve visited the Brisbane CBD recently, you’d be very familiar with…