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21 Jan 2021

Car Crash Hotspots in Brisbane

Research has revealed that since COVID-19 hit, complacent driving has caused a…

7 Jan 2021

Distracted driving – eating and drinking behind the wheel

When people think of what is most distracting while driving, the most…

14 Dec 2020

The importance of following at a safe distance

Have you ever been driving and looked in your rearview mirror and…

3 Dec 2020

Saving for and financing a car – a quick guide

“I wish I owned that car.” Almost everyone has made that wish…

18 Nov 2020

5 Things to Consider when Buying a New Car

There is nothing quite like the thrill and excitement that comes with…

two people exchanging details after an accident
5 Nov 2020

What to do if you’re involved in an accident on the road?

Being involved in a car accident can be a very overwhelming and…

driving through a storm
15 Oct 2020

Staying safe on the roads this Storm Season

As the Aussie storm season approaches, all drivers need to be aware…

Rental Car
1 Oct 2020

Feel Confident Behind the Wheel with These 5 Essential Rental Car Tips

Whether you’re on a holiday and exploring destinations locally or interstate, or…

Sports car with back lights on
17 Sep 2020

3 Vehicle Modifications That Could Get You in Trouble

For many Australians, our cars truly are our most prized possessions, one…

Man sitting on couch
4 Sep 2020

Beyond The Main Victim – Who Else Can Be Compensated After An Accident?

Most people know that an innocent person injured in a motor accident…

Person driving with a drink in their hand
21 Aug 2020

Survive the Drive – These Are The Top Three Killers on Queensland Roads

In Queensland there has been a recent spike in fatal road accidents….

What are your options if you are injured and at-fault in a motor accident?
6 Aug 2020

What are your options if you are injured and at-fault in a motor accident?

Accidents happen for various reasons and can cause all parties, including the…

24 Jul 2020

Will I Go To Court For My Injury Claim?

In the past, getting compensated for injuries caused by a motor accident…

Invisible Trauma: Can you Claim Compensation For Psychological Injuries?
13 Jul 2020

Invisible Trauma: Can you Claim Compensation For Psychological Injuries?

Psychological issues are increasingly a subject of discussion. In Australia, our awareness…

kangaroo crossing the road
26 Jun 2020

Watch Out for Wildlife!

Animals on the road are a regular cause of road accidents in…

Managing Online Injury Claims During COVID-19
4 Jun 2020

Managing Online Injury Claims During COVID-19

COVID-19 is impacting most businesses in some way. Traditional law firms face…

car driving in fog
28 May 2020

Getting Your Car Winter Ready

With the onset of winter and the end of mild autumn, many…

vintage orange car
21 May 2020

Do You Really Know Where Your Car Was Manufactured?

General Motors has officially pulled the pin on Holden, ending 72 years…

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