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Your Claim, Online, On Your Time.

We’ve developed a smarter way to help claimants just like you navigate the fine print, simplifying a process heavy with meetings, paperwork and uncertainty. By filling out our comprehensive questionnaire whenever it suits you, you’re saying yes to more control, increased certainty and the clarity you deserve from day one. By now, you may have a general idea about what we do and how we get results so quickly, but Claimify has a few hidden extras to really tip the scales in your favour.

Step 1 - You tell us what happened

Easy-to-use online questionaire

We’re Friendly.
User Friendly.

We know filling out fields can be taxing, even online, so we’ve dedicated considerable thought to the information flow you’ll see on your screen after you make the choice to get started.

Our questions make it easy to supply all relevant information on the spot or as an attachment, leading to your claim being processed sooner.

Claimify Features

Claim HQ

You’ll always know what comes next.

ClaimHQ shines a constant light on your claim, granting you an overview of your story so far, what you’ve told us, your personal information, any documentation and most importantly – your claim status.

You’ll never wait by the phone, wondering when you’ll receive a call about your claim. You’ll know what happens next when we do, as your claim is updated online in real-time. Simply sign in with your secure account and take a look!

Claims made easier.
Claims resolved faster.