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Our simple and straightforward claims process puts you in control of your claim
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Claimify. Your claim made easier, resolved faster.

Step 1

You tell us
what happened.

Complete our easy-to use online questionnaire to tell us about your claim.

We also need to know more about your personal circumstances and claim information, to ensure that we provide the best advice.

Step 2

We analyse your claim.

We take your personal and claim information and benchmark it against over 10,000 other claims. By examining them, within 1 business day we can determine whether you’re entitled to claim compensation, and the best course of action to take.

Step 3

We give you the best options.

We don’t keep you waiting. We’ll get back to you with your options within 1 business day. If we can help you with your claim, we’ll outline the chances of success and provide you with an estimated compensation figure, as well as:


Your chances of winning the claim

An overview of winning your claim and other risk factors we have identified for your claim.

How much your claim is worth

We provide an accurate estimate of what compensation you’re entitled to.

How long it will take to resolve your claim

An estimate of the time it will take to resolve your claim if we get started.

What it will cost you

Our fixed fee model provides complete transparency and certainty over what it will cost you. No more bill shock.

So what happens next?

If you wish to proceed with the claim, Claimify will guide you through the process and be there each step of the way to make sure you get your claim resolved quickly and easily.

The next steps for your claim are:

Claims Process

1. Lodgement

Submit a claim form (Notice of Accident Claim Form) with the Insurance Company. The form must contain an accident diagram, Police Accident Report Reference Number, and Medical Certificate. We will draft your Claim Form and arrange for your signature and return. There are time limits for Claim Lodgement.

2. Compliance

The Insurance Company will advise whether you have complied with your legal obligations (regarding Claim Form content and format). We will help you get Compliance and address any non-compliance issues. Our aim is always first time Compliance!

3. Disclosure

Claimify (on your behalf) and the Insurance Company will exchange any documents relevant to your Claim. This could include accident reports, receipts or material regarding your injuries and medical treatment. If requested, both of us (you and Claimify) are also obliged to provide information about the accident and injuries. We will help you comply with these steps.

4. Liability Response

The Insurance Company has 6 months from Compliance to investigate the accident and tell us whether they admit, partially admit or deny liability (fault). We will ask for an early response so your Claim can progress sooner. We aim to help you resolve your Claim as quickly as possible.

5. Negotiation

Negotiations to try to resolve your Claim will start. This could be at the beginning (after submitting the Claim Form), or once your injuries have stabilised and we can better evaluate your Claim. We will prepare a Claim Valuation and wait for your decisions regarding settlement.

6. Collection

Settlement is when your Claim is resolved. Once your Claim settles, we need to follow certain steps before you receive your money. This includes formally agreeing to settlement terms, advising the relevant departments and organisations, calculating settlement distribution, and receiving and distributing funds.

Whatever the outcome, you can trust that Claimify will get you the best result for your individual circumstances.

Let's get your claim started.