How it works

We've made it easy,
almost too easy.

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Straight-forward compensation claims.

Our simple and straightforward claims process removes the hassle and high-handedness from making a claim, putting you in control from day zero. Get the compensation you’re entitled to sooner, minimise meetings and leave the negotiations to professionals who have seen it all. We’ve got you.

Find out more about how we work for you below.

Honestly, it really is simple.

Step 1 - You tell us what happened

Step 1

You tell us
what happened.

Work through our easy-to-use online form and tell us about your personal circumstances, the events that led to you Claimify and anything else about your claim. More detail equals better advice.

Step 2 - We analyse you claim

Step 2

We analyse your claim.

Once we have your details down, the specifics of your claim will be reviewed by an expert lawyer and benchmarked against similar cases, determining the best course of action to take within 1 business day.

How it works - Step 3

Step 3

Find out how much, how long, and what it will cost.

We won’t keep you waiting or drag you in for pointless meetings. You’ll have real options laid out in a one page document, outlining your chances of success, how long it may take, potential risk factors and an estimated compensation figure, plus the fixed fee required to make it happen. Simple, easy and clearcut.

  • Your chances of winning the claim

    An overview of winning your claim and other risk factors we have identified for your claim.

  • How much your claim is worth

    We provide an accurate estimate of what compensation you’re entitled to.

  • How long it will take to resolve your claim

    An estimate of the time it will take to resolve your claim if we get started.

  • What it will cost you

    Our fixed fee model provides complete transparency and certainty over what it will cost you, and always with the backing of our No Win, No Fee Guarantee*. No more bill shock.

Don't delay your claim any longer.