Why Claimify

Taking the complexity
out of legal claims.

Claimify is the smart new way to apply for compensation online.

For straightforward claims, it’s the simple way to get your money sooner. The easy online process takes you through the stages step-by-step. You take control of your claim in your own time, with all the information you need presented clearly.

Experience in over
10,000 claims just like yours.

Based on over 10,000 previous claims, Claimify can tell how much compensation you are likely to receive and your fixed fee. It’s simple. Your claim is resolved quickly. That’s just what you want at a stressful time when additional hassles are the last thing you need.

The Traditional Way

The usual compensation process.

Waste Time.

Spend time finding an expert in your claim. Steal time out of your day to go meet with the lawyer at their office.


Get a mountain of paperwork to complete. Fill it out in your free time. Send it in and wait for a response.

More time.

Schedule a time to discuss your paperwork and claim during business hours. Missed something? Go back and do it again.

Wait and wait.

Wait for a review of your claim, an overview of your legal options and an estimate of your compensation.

More meetings.

Meet with the insurance company for negotiations.

Fingers crossed.

Wait for the outcome of negotiations or take your chances in court. Wait for updates on your claim via phone during business hours.

With Claimify,
the process just got simpler.

Icon_100 Online
100% online. Access your claim anywhere.
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You can do it on your own time.
Upfront and transparent pricing.
24/7 updates accessible via ClaimHQ.

Let's get your claim started.